Hi, I’m Lauren.  I’m a lifestyle photographer who has a passion for seizing "moments in time".  I work on location and with natural light, striving to obtain images that evoke raw emotion and real life.  I love working with each client to create a meaningful session, complete with heirloom artwork to have for generations to come.  I tailor each shoot to my clients’ individuality in an effort to capture the essence of who they really are, remaining true by capturing emotion and lives, not just faces and smiles. 

I’ve been told I’m both easy going and a little crazy, but quirky and fun.  I’ll let you be the judge of that. :-)

When I’m not with clients, you can typically find me cuddling with my sweet husband and little loves.  We adore life together, and truly feel blessed.  I’m a connoisseur of fine coffee, and love all things girly.  I’m sure I could win an award at being a pro shopper and thrifter.  Truth be told though, I’m a lover of things that are classic, timeless, vintage, and beautiful.  My other creative outlets include reading, playing piano, cooking, traveling, and interior decorating.  Those are just a few things about me, now I can’t wait to learn about you! 


~Lauren Elise



Store- TJMaxx

Season- Summer

Color- light and airy neutrals

Animal – horses

Holiday – 4th of July (and Christmas of course)

Starbucks Drink- Iced double shot

Hobby - Reading, shopping, entertaining...(I can't pick just one!)